Gems Cheats in Battle Force iPhone

The apple store has got a new guest that is a new RPG called Battle Force
This game seems to be made by Ice Fang, which if designed specially for the iOS platform

battle force walkthrough ios android

As you will see later on, this game is made in a retro style reminiscent of 8-bit PC games and it contains card battling elements

In this game, you will be allowed to make a party of six heroes, power up and enhance that party, then you will send them into battle against some increasingly-powerful enemies.

In the mean time, you will also be able to collect gems, coins and other goodies
Then, you can use them to evolve your heroes as well as load them up with increasingly more powerful gears.

Adapted from card battle elements, you will have to enhance your cards to be skillful ones.
For the first time, you can go to their skill page and upgrade their skills with coins, that you can get through the battle with enemies

Besides, you can also enhance and upgrade their equipment with the right materials which you can find from the enemies you have beaten in the battlefield

On the other side, you can also upgrade your cards by increasing their experience points, where you will simply send them into the battle to get more exp
In line with this, just go back to old stages to get a new card

Later on, you will have to evolve a card with the spirit of that card.
You can find them from the chests, and you can also get them by taking an actual fighter card like the swordsman and sacrificing it, which can turn into the spirit card

Once having enough spirit cards, just use it to evolve an existing card of the same type such as swordsman card as this card will gain another star in rarity.
After going through that step, this card will drop back down to level 1 as well, and it will also pick up a base stat boost, in which it will increase a lot as you make a progress through this game.

Meanwhile, this game will get you to collect coins and gems as the main currencies of this game
In order to get more free gems, all you will do is to watch advertisement videos
When in the middle of the game, just find and tap the Free Gems button on the main screen
Afterward, you will see an ad video too pop up
At this phase, just watch the video, as you will be five gems after doing so.
For further, just do this until you get enough for a 2-3 star chest in the treasure chest store.

Except gathering up more gems for free with promotional videos in the game, you can also get more coins for free by searching for all notifications on the main screen
There, you will see information popping up that will let you know that you have
Sometimes, you may get a ton of free coins, some free gems or a new card, or some spirit or upgrade materials.
So, just check everything in notification area of this game


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