Gems Cheats in Bakery Story 2 iPhone

Bakery Story 2 from Storm8 Studios is a fun and tasty new baking game adventure which has brought the fun of the original to a 3D world, where you can build your own bakery of your dreams on the ios and android devices.

bakery story 2 waolkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will be able to make desserts from classic brownies and sugar cookies, to fruit tarts and yummy cakes
To make such delicious dessert, you can gather up fresh ingredients such as juicy strawberries and rich chocolate
Once the cake is ready, you can serve it to customers looking for something sweet

In this game, you will be able to bake as much food as you want
In line with this, the speed to sell that food will be determined by how many counters you have, as well as tables and chairs.

Make sure not to space out your tables and chairs
Instead, just try to place them right next to each other with no space in between so that each consumer can sit at them comfortably
Also, you can string counters all the way across your bakery

Each process in this game will take time to complete
To complete the process fast, you can simply connect to Facebook from within the game and find friends playing the game there.

In the mean time, you and your friends can speed up each other’s progress by sending each other Quick Serves
You can use this in place of gems whenever you want to complete something fast.
At this point, you can hold up to 20 at a time so if they start to fill up, you can use them that can make room for more to be sent to you.

When decorating the kitchen, you may find that your ovens are full
Anyway, you can keep purchasing from the outside vendors related to the ovens
Doing this will allow you to have ingredients to spare whenever an oven is freed up.

Moreover, you will also see that your pantry may fill up
For such reasons, you have to upgrade your pantry to increase its inventory

In line with this, you will need parts for it
Once reaching level 7 in the game, you can fill to-go orders to earn parts.
If you can serve better to your customers, you will get letters of thanks from happy customers which will be handy to unlock more space.

To grow your business, you must expand your bakery as often as possible.
Besides, you can also make more room for more counters, chairs and tables
Plus, make more space for ovens and stoves, while finding ways to pack things a bit closer together.
You can do that activity if you see that your bakery start getting crowded by some incoming customers.

In addition, this game will feature gems as the premium currency that you can collect in any other way
Basically, each time, you can give the customer`s satisfaction, you will be rewarded with gems
Or, every time, you can complete specific tasks, you will get rewards in form of gems or coins
You may also ask your friends to send you gems for free

Alternatively, if you want to get gems fast, this game will always supply gems that you can buy from the store at specific price

With more gems you have collected from the game, you can then use them to speed up the process and purchase certain stuff for your bakery


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