Gems Cheats in Arcane Knight iPhone

Arcane Knight is now being an endless runner on the apple store which is made with a dark fantasy twist and this is designed special for mobile platforms.

arcane knight basic guide apple watch tv

Along the game, you will guide a hero armed with weapons and spells
To play this game, you will merely tap, swipe and release in which you can do it to swing your sword anywhere you want

When doing so, make sure to deliver a lethal hit, whereby you must focus on the angle of your strike, the position of your enemy, and the most important thing is the timing of your attack as this is the way you can beat them.

As said earlier, you guide your character with his horse through the forests, canyons and villages of a medieval fantasy world and battle with the various types of enemies such as pikeman, mage, spearman, lancer, trapper and more.

Every enemy here will come along with their own unique behavior
When you are about to battle with them, try to decide whether to do a melee attack or a ranged attack or cast a spell based on the current situation, while trying to avoid enemy attacks and obstacles along the way.

In the mean time, you will have to level up your heroes, improve their stats and equip lethal weapons, rare armors, powerful spells and purebred horses

On the other side, beating an enemy soldier immediately after taking out a previous one will start a combo bonus which will increase the amount of coins each time you beat enemy in the battle
Later on, the combo bar will refill upon another take down, so just keep your combo going if you can

Also, your default starting magic is the green absorption shield, which can last for a couple of seconds one it is activated and it will complete negate any incoming damage.

Just use this spell if you hit a green magic orb since it also recharges on its own.
Also, make sure to use the shield when you are about to get hit by enemies

Before starting a your journey, you will get a list of optional achievements to complete.
Completing these achievements will reward you with a bunch of gold and gems which you can use to level up your stats and spells

To attack enemies form long range, you can stick to your bow.
Make sure to use it with precision tapping, in which you can take out enemies in extremely far away.
You must have stronger arrows as they will be useful for the armored targets on horses.

Gems here can be said as the premium currency of this game that you can collect by completing achievements and completing every given quest in the game
Once getting gems, you can use them to upgrade your stats of your heroes, which influence your mana regeneration rate, armor rating, and your maximum amount of health.

Later on, try investing your first couple of points into your base stats first, before unlocking additional equippable magic spells.

After having enough with your stats, you can then start spending points on magic spells since you can regenerate mana over time and use your shield as well

In addition, you can then equip spells on the spell list when your mana is fully charged, so that you can switch it to other spells besides Shield once unlocking them.
Make sure to always bring Heal, as this is really needed to heal your teams when battling with bosses in the game.


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