Gems Cheats in Alien Creeps TD iPhone

Outplay Entertainment arrived in ios store with Alien Creeps TD game, where you will have a duty to gather your troops and build up your towers to defend Earth with any mean necessary

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This game can be said as a tower defense game that will prompt you with repelling the alien invasion force with awesome towers.
Throughout the game, you will start with a level along with a tesla coil pre-built on one of the tower locations.
You can use this tower to deploy a long range lightning strike that will instantly decimate all nearby units at the attack point.
Here, you will be allowed to use it three times in one level, but you can recharge it by using gems.
At this point, just try to rescue the tesla charges for dire emergencies

Later on this game, you are able to unlock the MK II upgrade for the basic machine gun tower during the tutorial
In line with this, you have to purchase one upgrade in that tower line in order to buy the MK II upgrade.
In order to have the infantry, laser, and rocket towers you must buy one basic upgrade before you can unlock the MK II.
Also, try to get the MK II upgrade for each type of tower as soon as you can, because they will help you accomplish each level with ease.

On the other side, having laser towers will be great at shieldbearing enemies, because their lasers will cut right through any kind of shield.
Using these laser towers are useful to deal with any kind of unit
Moreover, having machine gun and rocket towers will reduce damage against shielded targets.

For further, getting 3 stars on the basic Campaign version of a level will allow you to unlock the next difficulty for that respective level.
Anyway, being in veteran difficulty places certain restrictions on you, such as having only a single life and access to only the machine gun and rocket towers.
And, star here is worth gold, so as you go for full completion you will get a lot of gold as reward.
Once having a good amount of upgrades for your towers, try to complete harder difficulties

Furthermore, you will meet flak which is the hero you start out with.
Then, you can upgrade that Flak with gold just like the regular tower upgrades.
In the attempt to upgrade Flak, he has only one upgrade path, so that keep paying for the better upgrades.
And make sure to keep him upgraded as he as integral to your team as your towers are

In addition, in the way of protecting your tower, you should build your infantry towers next to your attack towers as having infantry towers will be walls.
Try to locate your infantry coming out of the tower in a fashion whereby they can attract the enemies’ attention while still being within range of your attack towers.
Applying this will be useful to beat any incoming enemies when your infantry is gone in battle, the new ones will respawn soon.


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