Gems Cheats Fruit Pop 2 Puzzles in Paradise iPhone

Fruit Pop 2 – New Match 3 Puzzle Game produced by Metamoki is the juicy match 3 saga game which is specially made for the ios users

fruit pop 2 walkthrough ios android

Here, all you will do is to make a splash which will match three or more fruits to pop them so that you will gain score by doing so
Plus, if you can create bigger matches with combo moves into jelly, you will gain a high score

Your main objective in this game is to clear fruit by dragging your finger to make combinations of 3 or more identical fruits on the board.
To do so, you can clear as many fruit as you want with various boosts to go through the tough levels.

Note that every time you lose a level, you lose a life, and you will need to wait for each life to comeback in few minutes

In line with this, you can get free lives with time lapse trick
Just set the time ahead on your phone by half an hour or so.
Afterward, you can connect to the game again where you will get your lives restored in automatic.

Besides, you will also have to get high score by making long combinations
If you can do so well, you will gain more score points and stars
With more stars you have collected through levels, you will be able to unlock more levels

In order to get more stars, just replay the older stages
At this point, try to three-star all of the levels which you have only one-starred or two-starred in your level

Except getting points and stars in this game, you will need to collect gems which can be said as the premium currency of this game

Along the game, you will be able to get free gems by connecting this game to your Facebook account
Every time you do so, you will be granted with 40 gems
In the way of getting more gems, make sure to always complete various tasks

In addition, you can also get more gems when you visit the main map screen of the game.
There, you will merely an icon looking like the you will be served to watch an advertisement video
Every time, you have watched the ad videos, you will be rewarded with one gem.
Thus, if you want to get more gems for free, just do this method since it will save your money as well


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