Gems Cheats for Rare Heroes in Medal Masters iPhone

Nexon Company has launched Medal Masters on the apple store and android markets as pick up and play realtime casual RPG

medal masters walkthrough ios android

Here, all you will do is to collect rare heroes in different types and use them to battle against powerful enemies for glory and rewards in form or gems

Early on the game, you will be brought to take all of free gems, then go to the premium gacha, and spend them to get new heroes.

In this game, you cannot put all of the super-rare heroes into your party at once because of the character cost
Later on, as your levels go up, you will have to power up your party with your rare heroes

By playing around in the battlefield, your heroes will level up and you can do new game modes.
If you can clear an entire area, you can play the hard mode version.
Besides, if your heroes level up, you can unlock the Pillage War, Infinite Challenge, the Arena, and the Special Dungeon in the game

Each hero here can equip up to four option cards with different colors
And, a wildcard spot can hold one card of any color.
Then, you can go to the store to purchase card packs and get more cards for your heroes
If you pull a hero from your party, you can unequip whatever cards you want to keep and transfer to someone else.

Diamonds or gems here take a role as the premium currency of this game
Basically, you can get them by completing some quests

In line with this, just go to the quests area to find one to complete
There, you can also find more rewards by tapping the ‘others’ button on the menu then tap over to any option in a red bullet next to it.

Then, just scroll up and down the achievements, hero collection and other menus to access rewards that you want to collect
In line with this, you can get some rewards in form of free diamonds.

During the game, you can utilize the barracks as often as possible and use them to level up your heroes in the common tiers

Moreover, you can use them for awakening, evolution and skill upgrades.
After making some progresses in the game, you can then unlock the ability to level-up your rare heroes to be the most powerful ones


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