Gems Cheats for New Characters in Blocky Climbers iPhone

Blocky Climbers from tastypill can be included in a new endless climbing game in which all you will do is to hop up, the holes and collect diamonds to unlock new blocks while gaining score as high as possible and getting new characters

blocky climbers walkthrough ios android

To play this game, tapping left will make you jump 1 space and tapping right will make you jump 2 spaces
If you can move fast you will get time extensions

Every tap you have performed in each stage, you will get one point
So, always make a short jump unless you need to cross a gap or to complete a challenge
Moreover, doing the short jumps will make it a lot easier to count out how many steps until the next gap which you must cross.

Always remember to gather up some diamonds along the stage
These diamonds will be useful to get new characters
Besides, you will also be able to scoring more and more points by focusing to get these gems.

In order to get free gems or diamonds, you can simply go to the store
There, just tap the button to watch an advertisement video.
By watching this ad video, you will earn more gems as a reward
In line with this, you will get 50 gems

On the other side, if you jump faster, whether it is short or long ones, you will likely be to reset the time.
If you are about to run out of time on a stage you lose at ta time
However, resetting the time will make you keep on going in that stage, and you will also get a free 10 points form it
Thus, just fast and do more time resets to earn points for your collection.


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