Gems Cheats for High Score Point in Arrow Ketchapp iPhone

Arrow game from Ketchapp is the newest endless game designed for the iOS and Android platforms.
Here, you will guide your arrow to go between all of the walls

arrow ketchapp best point walkthrough ios android

In the process, guiding that arrow will be increasingly jagged and harder to navigate
In the mean time, you must try to accomplish your main goal that is to score the most points possible.

To play this game is pretty simple as you will merely move through the maze without hitting the walls.
Then, every time, you can go through each stage, you will be scored with points as your achievement
These points are used to grow your tail

Also, you will use gems to unlock cool new arrow heads and backgrounds that will make the game in different look

Letting go of the screen will make your arrow move to the right.
And, tapping and holding the screen will make your arrow move to the left.

In the mean time, you will need to guide the arrow with taps of varying lengths based on the shape of the walls that you are trying to get it through.

Later on, you will be assigned to collect up the orange jewels to score more points.
Also, you must collect the purple jewels to score points and you must get gems, the currency of the game
Next, you can use gems to purchase more arrows and more backgrounds which will change the appearance of the arrow or of the game in general.

To comfort your action when playing this game, you can turn the phone sideways so that you will see that your arrow go up when hitting the screen and down when you let go.

With this method, you can feel the game a lot more quickly, and you will gain high scores a lot more frequently.

As said earlier, gems are the premium currency of this game
In order to get gems for free, all you will do is to search for the gold button saying Watch Video
Just tap that button to watch advertisement videos that will grant you gems as reward
Every time, you have watched ads videos, you will be rewarded 10 free gems.


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