Gems Cheats Eternity Warriors 4 iPhone

Glu Games has continue to launch Eternity Warriors series that is Eternity Warriors 4 that you can now play on the ios and android devices

eternity warriors 4 walkthrough ios android

This Eternity Warriors franchises can be said as a dungeon crawler game where you will be hacking and slashing your way through hordes of enemies in some stages.

In the mean time, you will also have to gather up some glorious loot, master devastating skills, and you can also test your skills by challenging other players online in this intense action RPG.

Early on the game, you can use your launcher skill to launch enemies high into the sky.
Just use this to launch them to the air, as this will make them vulnerable to awesome air combos.
But, use them the launcher skills as you like since they has have short cooldowns

Every time, you can go through some stages, you will get gold that you can use to upgrade each slot of equipment for your hero.
Your gold achievement can add up over time once your character have become quite strong

Each time, you play this game daily, you will get three free offerings for the God of Iron.
Having The God of Iron will earn you either a uncommon, rare, or epic item to be your collections.

And, offering him enough times will automatically provide you a free gift.
So, just use your free offerings before the day ends in the game
Besides, getting The God of Gold will need gems, the premium currency of this game

If you want to get more items, you can use auto battle, which you can unlock if you re in an A or S rank on the level
You can do this by completing the level under certain conditions.

You have to complete the level normally, and you must complete the level under a certain time limit which varies from level to level.

On the other side, you can also complete the level without taking a certain amount of damage in which you can do this solo.

Just do complete that above levels to get an A rank, and all four an S rank for your hero so that you can unlock auto battle that will give a chance to get certain items on specific stages.

If you have a bunch of unused items, you can sell them for some extra gold
But, do not sell materials, as you will need them later down the line.
Once reaching high enough level, you can select to break down equipment for upgrade materials.

Always remember to upgrade your skills to be the super powerful skills that can cast big damage toward enemies in the battlefield.
To upgrade skills, you will need gold coins

Besides, you can also experiment with different skills to see which ones you fit your style
In line with this, be sure to upgrade your evasive skill that will let you get out of stick situations as fast as possible.

In addition, you will also have to get some gems, as the premium currency of this game
According to this, be sure to complete every given tasks or missions, which will earn you a bunch of gems for free


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