Gems Cheats Dice Mage iPhone

Dice Mage from Tapinator is a new rolling combat RPG that you can play mainly on the iOS device.
Here, you will have to quest through an endless levels, while beating all kinds of pixelated monsters and collecting gems.

dice mage walkthrough ios android

Later on, you will get to collect some good items in the levels
To get them, be sure to hit up all of the treasure chests that you see.
Focusing on this will be the best way to get some good items in form of stronger weapons and armor, which will help you complete each level at ease

Along the game, you will see the exclamation mark representing a roll of the dice to open a treasure chest for stat boosts.

In line with this, rolling the first chest will most likely end up getting your stats dropped in that level.
But, if you roll the other two chests, you will then have a stat boost.
When doing so, be sure to save up your mana so that you will be able to reroll if you get a bad chest.

Every time you can beat enemies in a level, you will be granted with gems that you can use to get good items so that you will have permanent boost.
Also, you can use gems to revive either your health or your mana.
And, you can spend fifteen gems to unlock a treasure chest.

In order to collect gems for free in this game, you can merely watch advertisement videos
At this point, just go to the in app purchase menu to watch advertisement videos for having free gems.
At that time, just watch as many of them as you want to get more free gems

When you are about to purchase the armor and the weapons in the shop, be sure to search for them with good bonuses.
You can firstly get healing armor that can heal you if you do not reroll in a level


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