Gems Cheats Card Wars Kingdom iPhone

Cartoon Network has finally launched Card Wars Kingdom – Adventure Time Card Game on the apple store and android market publicly

card wars kingdom walkthrough ios android

This game is a kind of trading card game where you will have to build a deck full of quirky and powerful creatures Husker Knight, Cool Dog, and the Pig each with their own elemental themes

Here, you will be able to play with Finn, Jake, BMO, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, LSP, and more where they come along with game-changing special cards.

Later on, you will level up then unlock new cards and abilities
Besides, you must also fuse of evolve creatures to make them the most powerful ones

Similar to any tcg or trading card game out there, you will be assigned to get the daily missions accomplished for rewards in form of Gems, the premium currency of the game, and Bones, the currency you can spend on standard Treasure Cave pulls.

Generally, you may expand a certain amount of energy in the missions
Or, you will have to complete it by playing the game normally

Along with it, this game will offer you freebies by just signing in the game regularly
In line with this, you may consider to visit the Treasure Cave where you can open the daily chest containing a random standard rarity creature.

When building up your deck, you can do an experiment related to each card and its own abilities
As an illustration, King Jake will let you keep one pack of cards early on the game in which each comes along with their own playstyles.

Having the Niceland cards are great way since they can heal your party
And, the Swampland cards can inflict enemies with negative status effects and damage over time abilities.

Never match a theme in your decks but mix and match cards from different elements instead
You can compose a variety of creatures in your deck

To build your first deck, have the Niceland deck since they have a lot of healing landscape cards, along with buff cards.
Moreover, they have a 7 point magic attack card called Subliminal Strength which has the property Double Team on it
If this creature is cast on, surrounding creatures will join in the attack.
However, Niceland creatures have very high magic attack but they have low drag attack, in which this card also delivers massive damage if you have three creatures attack on them

On the other side, you may match the cake with the creature where you must feed your creatures in the same types as the elements.
Anyway, matching the cake with the creature will provide you bonus experience points which level up the creatures quickly.

You can prove this by feeding a corn cake to a corn creature
Doing so will give you more bonus than feeding it a niceland cake.
You can also do this to creature fusion
Alongside, try to balance your team well

Meanwhile, you may have to activate your floop card at the right time when playing spell cards
At that time, you will see a purple meter below your character’s portrait to fill up.
When you see it is full, you will get a floop card, powerful abilities.
Use this when you are dealing with tough enemies since it can really help you beat them at once


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