Gems Cheats Card Wars Adventure Time iPhone

Card Wars: Adventure Time from Cartoon network is a kind of a new card-battling game that you can play on the iOS and Android devices

card wars adventure time walkthrough ios android

In this game, both you and your rival will lay out cards and battle each other
At this point, the speed will determine the victory in which it is the way you can beat your rival and get big rewards.

Similar to the other trading card game, you will be given with a specific amount of lives in this game
And, when running out of them, you usually wait for them to come back.

To get them fast, you can do time lapse trick on your phone
Firstly, just set the time ahead on your phone about an hour or more
Once doing so, you will regain the lives instantly

Meanwhile, you can also apply this kind of trick to get the daily prize
Although, you usually wait for a day before getting the prize.

Later on, you will also get a chance to unlock card crafting.
With this method, you will be able to mix two cards together to make a new card.
Beside, you can also use this as your first option before you sell off cards
For further, you will get rid of two cards to get a stronger card.

When going to battle with your rival, all of the cards in your deck must fit the lands with the ones you have in your hand.
It is caused by, if a card cannot go on any land, it will not be useful in the card`s battle.

In accordance with this, there are four types of lands total.
To get the best setting, you should have two or three lands split about evenly in your deck
Moreover, even a deck consisting entirely out of one land, you must ensure that your cards will be useful when will be used on the board.

In order to build your card deck, you must try to get rare cards as much as you can.
Rares ones will typically come out later in the battle whereby these such kind of cards have the amount of magic that it takes in order to summon them
Therefore, those cards will be more powerful than the common ones.
After getting them, you can try to put them into a land across from an empty space so that you can deliver massive amounts of damage to your rival`s hero card.

Furthermore, you can try playing the daily challenges and the PvP mode rather than in the single player mode.
When playing in these modes, you will see that the hit, miss, perfect wheel will be even more important
When doing so, be sure that your timing is perfect.
Use this circumstance smartly and quickly to help a weaker deck beat a stronger deck.

Anyway, having a strong card will be something
However, if you have a really strong deck but you miss all the time, you may sometimes lose against weaker players.

In addition, this game comes along with a little bit of currency in form of gems or diamonds
To get them for free, all you will do is to complete the battle and try to win it fast
Every time, you get a victory in that battle, you will be granted with those gems that you can use to get some rare card to be added into your deck

Participating in challenge mode will also give you a chance to get more gems as the achievements
So, be sure to take part in that mode as often as possible to win more gems in this game


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