Gems Cheats Block Craft 3D City Building Simulator iPhone

Block Craft 3D City Building Simulator from Fun Games For Free is a kind of a new city-building and block crafting game that you can recently play on the iOS platform and it may be on android platform in the newest updates of this version.

block craft 3d walkthrough ios android

Early on the game, you will be supplies with few coins and gems as initial step
Anyway, it is easy to run out of coins at first whereby you must build something that will earn you a lot of experience points.

In order to get more coins, you must build something such as the houses or a workshop in the area
There, the coins section will be green instead of black, with a plus sign next to it.
That is a building that will earn you money for completing it.

After making a good progress through the game, you will be able to unlock new buildings as you continue to construct and gain experience levels.

Anytime, you want to make more room for buildings, you can always get rid of some of your old ones
Or, you can try to build them closely together.
However, it will take awhile to get rid of an old building that will get you a new room to build more constructions.

Every tine, you build something, it will take a time
But, you can speed up your building process by strafing the building which you are currently constructing

At this point, just tap with your other finger to fill in the ghost blocks and turn them into standard blocks.

In the mean time, you must also build blocks underneath your feet then jump to land on one block at a time in which it is to make a platform for yourself to jump onto a high area.

If it is needed, you can also delete blocks, in that you must tap and hold them until they disappear.
Doing this will be a good way to make floating blocks as well.
According to this, you can even make a floating staircase, or get on top of a building for fun.

On the other side, you can then go inside of the building and tap it to get the hard-to-reach places on a new house or building

In accordance with this, every time you see the outline through a purely solid block, you can tap the outline in that it will fill in once you get close enough

But, if you are not close enough, jump it
At that time, if you are too far away after doing that, you need to build a platform to reach it.

In addition, this game will feature currencies in form of coins and gems
Coins will be there in the game while you are doing your activity
Gems will be hard to get in the game as this is the premium currency of this game

Sometimes, every time you can complete certain objective, you will be granted with few gems as rewards
With these gems, you can speed up your construction and purchase some handy items that you will need to build something in your land



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