Gems Cheat in Treasure Run iPhone

Treasure Run is a new side scrolling endless running game which is developed by TeamLava where you will have to run as far as you can while gathering some coins and racking up your score

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Throughout the game, you will have to dash, jump over perilous voids and evade deadly booby traps, then fly through ancient kingdoms while collecting some legendary treasures and Boosts to help you run faster and farther than ever before
Along your journey, you must also dodge and beat dangerous Monsters to earn bonus rewards

In the mean time, you will also have to collect gold and gems that you can use to purchase new runners and some upgrades
Later on, you will be able to compete in the tournaments against your friends online and you can take part in the global competition to show who will get for the highest score among others.

In order to get some gold for free you can collect them scattered in the runs
However, getting gems will be hard to find.
Alternatively, if you wan to get those gems freely, all you will do is simply to connect to Facebook, in which you will earn 40 gems for free.
Once getting those gems, you can then use them to purchase gold.
Besides, completing the achievements which you can find in the scroll in the upper left hand corner of the screen, will give you a chance of earning more gold and more gems.

Later on, upgrading your runner will give you a higher score bonus for using them
Then, after getting some upgrades, they will have a special power, such as Hamish’s ability to have double the duration of treasure time.
So just use extra gold to upgrade your runner, as this will be useful if you want to get a higher score and to run further along the game.

On the other side, with 20 gems, you will be able to hatch a precious egg for a rare pet
Moreover, with 800 gold, you can hatch any pet in common ones in which your pet will have some kind of bonus power, and this can be enhanced with upgrades.

Furthermore, you can also find mounts and boosts around the stage that you run in
Next, you can make them more effective so that you will have them for longer if you can upgrade these by spending your coins.
During your run, make sure to gather them up whenever you see them
And, you must never pass them up even if you must avoid a coin or two in order to jump up to get them.

In addition, you can have more runners, as well as more mounts and other goodies, even pets in the next updates.
Plus, you will also get gold and gems in that updates.


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