Gems Cheat in Ninja VS Pirate Android

Ninja Vs Pirate can be said as a casual RPG where you will get involved in the battle both in PvE and PvP modes

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Along the game, you will have to collect cards and build the best team that will help you get each victory with ease.

In this game, you will be given with three fighters in your party, each with special role and abilities.
When going to the battlefield, make sure to put your tank in the front, as your tank will be the one with the most defense and health, and they can sponge up all of the blows.
At the same time, you can put your weak characters in the back, so that your tank hero will be able to protect them well.

During in the battlefield, make sure to use your special moves as soon as they are available.
You will battle with enemies automatically, except for the special moves, that you get to activate by tapping the portrait of the character after it flashes and the mana bar is full.
You will get attacking moves as your special moves, in that some heroes will have healing moves
Therefore, be sure to try to keep at least one healer when fighting against enemies.

Once beating your opponents in a battle, you can then blitz it, in that you simply tap blitz to go automatically.
Make sure to do this if run out all of your stamina right away
You can do this when you will play again for awhile.
Just do your blitzing on the last stage that you knock out.

Later on, if you want to get more prizes in this game, you can play in the guild system added in the recent update.
In this occasion, you will be able to take part in a guild vs guild battle weekly, with qualifying on Wednesday, quizzes on Thursday, and then best guild of the week on Sundays, so make sure you master every trick of the game at all times.

In addition, this game will feature gold coins and gems as the main currency of this game
Gems are the premium currency that you can get by purchasing them, in which you can get 300 gem as monthly gift.
After you have bought them, you will earn 120 gems daily.
So just purchase any of the gem packages to build up your VIP points.


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