Gems Cheat in Curio Quest iPhone

Curio Quest is from 5th Planet Games that offers a new monster collection RPG where you can create, evolve, train, and upgrade your Curios with a bunch of special skills and boosts then send them to the battle for your victory.

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In this game, your main goal is to quest through multiple levels and a number of difficulties, as well as talking to all of the humorous characters that you meet.

Early on, you should check the wheel of elements that you can do by tapping on the teal button in the top center of the screen.
On the screen, you will see which elements have an advantage against other elements and which elements are at a disadvantage to be used in the battlefield.
At this point, elements which are not right next to each other are neutral against each other.

At the beginning of the game, you will start with easy level and quickly turn hard, so if you cannot handle with a tough stage, you can replay an older stage and try beating it over and over for experience points until you level up your monsters.
If you want to get some bonus rewards in this game, you will simply go to hard mode of any stage that you have completed at any time to play in higher leveled versions of the same enemy.

During the battle, you should select your skill set wisely.
And, try to look at the secondary effects of a move, not just how much damage it delivers.
For further, you have to try to progress across the map in order to get more skill points in each level.
But, if you get stuck and need to unleash more damage toward enemies, just grind for experience in old levels.

On the other side, this game features gems as the premium currency that you can purchase through iap store
Here, you will also get those gems after completing each stage
Anyway, if you have collected some more gems, make sure no to spend them to replicate a common curio after having a battle.
Instead, it will highly be recommended to save up your gems rather than using them to purchase premium discs in the store.
In the mean time, you can then take your brand new curio to older nodes
Also, you can get it leveled up fast, as well as directing all of your team’s experience for that battle towards your new curio.

In addition, you can simply add friends by their player ID in the game, in which you will be able to send gifts back and forth
Moreover, you can also increase your rewards by winning epic battles and tournaments with players worldwide online


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