Gems Cheat in Bakery Story Christmas iPhone

Bakery Story form TeamLava lets you to design and build the profitable bakery while decorating with thousands of items, tables, chairs, wallpaper, art, accessories and more

bakery story christmas decoration ipad android

At the beginning of the game, you will be served with important elements to running a successful bakery from Cooking Food, Serving Food, Keeping Customers Happy, to Customizing Your bakery as well as socializing with other bakeries, and gathering bonus tips from players

For the initial steps, you will find an empty oven and tap on it twice to open the cookbook.
Afterward, just find the dish to cook and tap on it to choose it.
Next, you can make a preparation of your dish with various ingredients by tapping on it
After completing that step you will be required to wait for your dish to finish the cooking process, then tap on it again to get into the final touches.
Before served to the consumers, move it to an available serving counter then serve it to your guests.

Always make sure to have empty tables for your consumers
But, if you do not have such tables, you can purchase them from the store, or you can remove food from existing serving tables by tapping on it and choosing remove, or you can wait for your consumers to eat all of the food off of one serving table.

Then, when cooking blue cupcakes on two ovens, you will need two serving counters
And, if your serving counters are full, you can combine your identical dishes to make room for new food.

For further, keeping your customers happy will be important thing to grow your business
In line with this, if you do not have empty seats for them to sit, no room for a customer to sit and no food for them to eat, they will get frustrated and leave the bakery.
So, be sure to have plenty of food and plenty of seats and tables waiting for potential customers
Doing so will make other consumers come to your bakery

To make your bakery in different look, you are able to customize it with tables, chairs, ovens, and serving counters as pure decorations.
Moreover, you can also purchase some items and place in your store.
To get an item, just tap on it and tap again at the location you want to place it or drag it to where you want to place it and tap again to confirm.

In addition, every time you have successfully made your consumers happy with your dish, you will be rewarded with either gold coins or gems, as the premium currency of this game
Anyway, getting those gems will be hard to get, and if you want to gather them fast, you can purchase them directly on the apple store


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