Gems Cheat in Adventure Age iPhone

Adventure Age from Everplay has presented a fresh retro styled puzzle RPG where you will be assigned to fight against hundreds of different enemies and get them to build the strongest army for your kingdom

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From the review of Adventure Game few days ago, you will have the main goal that is to quest through level after level with your knight and your to battle with various types of enemies while upgrading, finding new equipment, and collecting coins and gems along the way.

The fighting system is a new concept in which you can select different blocks for offense, defense, spells, and mana
Before going to the battlefield, make sure to create your own Champion to guide your squad and equip them with new armor, weapons, and items

In a mission, you are allowed to team up with friends and make new allies to deal with the hordes of enemies as well as capturing, training and fusing a bunch of heroes and minions to create the greatest squad in the kingdom

Once getting the most powerful troops, you will have to accomplish new daily quests and bosses to test your skills then you can take part in the Arena for Player Vs Player combat to battle the teams of other players online

You will also have an access to the Super Dungeon by getting your champion the Arena
So, make sure you join one of the major Houses of Stoik, Dracus, or Faye then win it
After getting through tough battle, you will earn coins and gems that you can use to unlock ultra powerful units

In this game, you will be introduced with three different kinds of tiles, namely purple, blue and red
Here, the purple tiles are a complete waste of time.
Meanwhile, the blue tiles are used as a shield to protect your characters from some damage
Therefore, you should break blue tiles, and purple when you have to, and try to make a large combo with a whole lot of red tiles.

When dealing with tough enemies, tough bosses, or tough PvP opponents, you must make a big tile combo, and save it for your character that has the most attack power, mainly your main character.

Once winning in the battle, you will get additional characters as a reward
In related to the rewards, some of them are common and will be duplicates of all of the ones that you have equipped to start the game, so just use them as fusion fodder.
At this point, just go to the fuse menu and select a gaining card, and one or more sacrifice cards
Then, if you can use your gold coins to pay for the fusion, so that you will level up your heroes fast.

Always be sure to come back and check out what equipment you get in exchange for completing
if you can complete battles, you will get some equipments as reward in that you can keep your main character equipped with the best weapons as one strong weapon will b important to beating a tough boss.

In the way of collecting more gold coins in this game, you can replay old stages and defeat enemies that you have already beaten.
Because of this, you can gain experience levels and also earn you some gold coins.
Experience level gains will increase your characters’ statistics, that it will be useful to beat the next stage.

In addition, if you want to earn free gems in this game, you can try to click videos button that will direct you to watch few promotional videos from the developer
Later on, once watching that video, you will get some gems for free that you can use to unlock extra units
Thus, just watch those videos as these will be the way to collect gems for free


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