Gems Cards Cheats on Monsu Android

This new game from boomlagoon is an endless runner game where you will simply run, jump, and even ride on a dinosaur through a bunch of obstacles along the game

monsu walkthrough strategy guides

Playing this game requires perfect timing and a good set of cards, so keep running, collect all that treasure, and level up your cards

At the same time, you will be assigned to take advantage of magical cards that you can use to summon monsters and give you all sorts of bonus effects for your character

Later on, the magic cards that you have got on your way to your treasure will allow you to make or break a run

At this point, the winged cards will be aerial monsters that fly along the track with you.
They will actively boost your run, such as the Blast Hornet who attacks obstacles and enemies as well.
Then, they will also help you out in a pinch, such as the Extend Bat who acts as an extra distance boost when you are defeated.

On the other side, the magic cards will contribute direct effects coming from Monsu himself, such as the Spear Attack which lets Monsu throw spears.
Meanwhile, they are can be passive, such as Powered Up, that increases the duration of the temporary power ups.

And, the animal cards like Dinoshi are more animal friends that help you out and make you invincible when he is charged completely.

Anyway, every card in this game gives its usefulness, and you can try to pick ones and experiment which ones work the best for you

Just try completing the missions in which every time you start a run, you will notice what your current mission is.
Make sure to complete these, because they will get you to earn rewards such as gems and bonus rewards then you can also collect as much treasure as you can.

Furthermore, you can run through all the buildings and obstacles you see along the game
By running straight into a building or obstacle, you can destroy it and send it flying forward a little bit.

So just try hitting these buildings as much as possible, in which sometimes enemies are hiding behind the obstacles.
When the obstacles flies into the enemy, they are automatically defeated, that will make your run a little more smoother

After making progresses through the game, you will be able to level up your cards
According to this, doing an upgrade makes the card do its job a little bit better, but these upgrades can get pretty pricey.
Make sure to only upgrade the ones you use the most, and purchase packs to get new cards

In addition, make sure to watch your jumps as some enemies cannot be destroyed by jumping on them
For such reasons, just watch for the ones who have spiked helmets

You can also try to beat the regular guys and the rocket guys with a jump.
In addition, the game will position a regular enemy, so you have to get a spiked enemy right ahead, causing you to land on it because you jumped on the enemy before.


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