Gem Coins Cheats in Clash of Toys Android

Clash of Toys Toy Warfare from gNetop Technology has given an action-packed strategy and defense war game where you will be a commander, who is assigned to control of your base and toy troops.

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To defend your base, you will have to recruit and upgrade a variety of powerful plastic soldiers and heroes, then you must build up an unbeatable fortress of your own.

At this point, you can try to use tactics to deploy your troops with different formations so that you can beat the evil boss, to get more gold and your glory as well.

Early on this game, you will be served some quests in the Main Quest that you must complete in order to master Toy Warfare
Doing so will familiarize you with the basics of developing base and tactics to deploy troops in strategic locations around the map.

As usual, this game will feature gem and coins as the main currencies that you can collect throughout the game

In line with this, you will have to build coin factory to produce Coins.
In the mean time, you will also build storage to increase your Coin storage capacity.

Besides building coin factory and storage, you must also construct Gem Mine that produces 1 Gem daily.
With this mine, you can have more and more gems that you will need to upgrade your troops and base

Building flag will increase your population limit.
And, constructing defense center walls will defend your base against attacks

In Legion Base, you can connect with other players in that this is also a great place to make friends.
Ont he other side, you should train your hero and strengthen your equipment in Palace of Hero.

Later on, you must also recruit rifleman, grenadier, machine gunner and mortarman in the barracks.
Then, you have to upgrade rifleman, grenadier, machine gunner and mortarman in a camp
Special barracks is a place to recruit Repairman, Anti-Tank Soldier and Bugler.

Be sure to upgrade Repairman, Anti-Tank Soldier and Bugler in Special Camp and you can also have a research the combat technology to increase the power of your troops in the battle lab

In your air base, which is as the airplane hangar, you can also plan and coordinate air-strikes there.
In vehicle factory, you can recruit Armored Vehicle, Machine Gun Jeep and Missile Truck.

You can also do some upgrades Armored Vehicle, Machine Gun Jeep and Missile Truck in Machine Factory
For further, in Hall of Honor, you will be able to get some medals and upgrade your hero there.


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