Gauntlet for Collecting More Gold in Gods Rush iPhone

Every game that you have played will come with a unique set of challenges bringing you to think smartly and creative to overcome each obstacle in that game.

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In line with this, in Gods Rush, the biggest limiters to your success are managing gold coins and shiny gems as the main currencies of this game.
Later on, you will learn how to earn, manage and use your resources along the game.

Gold in this game is used for your skills.
After going through some battles with opponents, you will be rewarded with some gold that you should save up to boost character skills for the most part.
For such reasons, you can also spend money to enchant items
Anyway, the important thing remains skills that will bring the most bang for your buck in this game.

In related to gems, you can invest them for VIP levels.
In the early levels, you will not need many gems in that you will earn gems hand over first early on
For such reasons, establishing the cut-off point is really important here.

Furthermore, you have to invest your gems for Midas Touch.
For only 10 gems, you will get 26k gold
Because of this, you will rarely find a better use for your hard-earned gems.

Once having Midas Touch, you can then use it once a day to complete your daily task that will give highly important team experience.
For further, you are able to go more than once a day as well.

In the way of collecting both gold and gems, you will get them in the arena.
Once getting closer to 10 heroes and gods on your total roster, you will go about to the arena.
There, you can earn the best rewards for your efforts
If you can the matches, you will be rewarded with the gold and gems.

In addition, you can also take part in gauntlet for Gold.
If you become stronger, you will have more rewards in the gauntlet
Moreover, based on your VIP level, you will also be able to get an extra gold coins.


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