Gate Key Cheats in Rescue Quest iPhone

Chillingo has come to ios and android along with the newest game, Rescue Quest which is a brand new match three game with a twist

This game combines some great characters on the boards and some new visual elements which are delivered in a fresh, unique experience.
Along the game, you will be assigned to collect three star ratings on all levels and get better results each time you play.

rescue quest basic walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be able to join two heroes on an epic quest by matching gems and casting magical spells to rescue the captured spritelings from a malevolent sorcerer.
Along the game, you will have s journey through imp-infested forests and snow-capped peaks, as well as accomplishing quests, beating bosses, and unlocking new abilities for your heroes.

At the beginning of the game, you must choose your route carefully and you should check out the board carefully in which finding the shortest route is sometimes more difficult as it offers narrower places for your matches that will make it not to be the best one

At this point, you can try to start matching at the bottom, as well as trying to create the path from where your character started all the way to the Spritelings.
However, taking your moves will make matches at the lower part of the screen that will come to the best route that you will take
It is caused by more matches will be made in the upper areas, that will clear the way automatically and earn you precious time.

In line with this, you can try to start with easy matches first that will come to a bunch of 4 or even 5 match possibilities from start.
Just look for them when you start the game as they will help you with your progress
So, just create those matches first then enjoy the benefits.

Remember to always use the power-ups that you can fill up by making some matches.
At the initial game, you can try to use the hammer one, that will be pretty useful to help you in solving all the matches that you will be making.

Throughout the game, you will need hearts to move on your actions
Anyways, if you keep on failing a level, you can then try to use the time lapse cheat in order to get more hearts for free

Firstly, close the game and go to your device’s settings
Secondly, set the time forward by a couple of hours.
Thirdly, go back to the game and you will see if you have extra hearts.

Besides hearts, you will also need gems that will be handy as well
In order to get those gems and extra goodies for free, all you will have to do is to connect the game with your Facebook account
You can also take your friends to play this game online

In addition, you can also replay levels if you cannot beat a stage , then the next time you try them out, they might be extremely easy to play.


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