Gas Cheats in Make it Santa iPhone

Five Bits comes with a simple one-touch game named Make which assigns you to make sure that the presents are delivered to all the kids in this Christmas

make it santa walkthrough ios android

Throughout the game, your main mission is to deliver as many gifts as you can, by tapping and throwing the gifts into the chimneys so that it will bring the Grinch into the great Santa

Along the game, all you will have to do is to use your left finger and tap the left side of the screen Here, the game scrolls to the right, and the chimneys has come by surprisingly fast.

In line with this, just stick the left side of the screen, so that you can see your view well on the right side.
At this phase, you will be given within two seconds to react to the chimneys that come by

When doing your action, make sure to stay alert of storms in which you will be alerted with an on-screen notification when a storm is about to hit. ]
Then, when storms roll in, it starts to scroll at a slightly faster pace.
When getting this, you should be okay if you just time your present drops a little earlier than usual. However, that storms usually only last for about a couple seconds, that is about 5 seconds only.

Always remember not to deliver the bad kids presents in which they will be sticking their heads out of the chimney waiting to throw you off
At the same time, if you end up dropping a present on them it counts as missing a chimney, that will make the game automatically end
Because of this, just keep your eyes open and do not simply instinctively drop presents once you see a chimney pop up on screen

Every of your attempts will require gas and each attempt spends 1 gas.
At this point, Gas seems not to recover over time, but you will have the option of watching an advertisement to gather up a little bit of gas.
Doing this will be the only way to viably regain gas, because the cheapest gas option in the store will require a whopping 500 coins for an exchange

In related to the coins, you will collect one coin per present drop into the good kid
In accordance with this, you will see how long that will take to save up for.

For further, if you have missed just one chimney a game will be over, so make sure to rest for a while then go back to the game with full concentration
Note that, your attempts in this game are limited
Then if you want to try your best with each attempt, make sure not to go for it if you are not feeling up to that way


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