Gammet Cheats Z Fighters iPhone

Z Fighters form Luton Zhou is another RPG designed for the iOS and Android platforms
Anyway, this game is like Dragon Ball Z game that you may have installed on your phone.

z fighters walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will have to unlock all of your favorite characters from the series in this game, from Kid Gohan to King Kai and Frieza, and all of the myriad of others such as Red Ribbon Army, World Martial Arts Tournaments, Namek fights, Androids attacks and Cell anime games.
Here, you can collect cards and fight just like the cartoon plots.

Later on, you will be able to unlock characters, then upgrade them very easily.
Early on this game, try to get more weapons, armor and accessories, then give it to your team members.
Afterward, you can then upgrade the equipment as high as you can to be rare equipment.

To upgrade a character, you can sacrifice souls to increase the attack, speed, health or defense of the entire party
Or, you can use training potions to exchange one stat for another stat.
In line with this, if you get enough of a character’s souls, you can upgrade that character.

When battling with enemies, it happens automatically
You will get your victory based on the equipment upgrades
Besides, you can equip new skills on your characters, and use skill merging to sacrifice unwanted skills to power up skills that you actually want to keep.
Thus, if you have more skills for all heroes, they will have the better stats.

To test your skills, you can take on new challenges where you can fight against other players in the arena
At this point, you can take on various challenges, where you can fight against the CPU and PvP, in trials mode.

Or you can engage in the single player questing modes, then continue to hard mode to beat really tough versions of the same old enemies from the earlier storylines.

In addition, gammet is the premium currency of this game that you must purchase through iaps
If you want to buy the premium currency, just get them of the specials so that you can top up and get a ton of extra rewards.

Sometimes, you will also be able to get them as a reward on various game modes that you have accomplished well



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