Galcoins Cheat in Galcon 2 Galactic Conquest iPhone

Hassey Enterprises has come along with Galcon 2: Galactic Conquest on iphone and android
This game is a kind of an arcade style red vs blue strategy game for that you can play on Steam as well.

galcon 2 galactic conquest walkthrough ios android

Playing this game will take you to take all of the planets from your rivals, and you will get such fun as clans, betting, and even free for all MMO rounds.

Along the game, you will be able to play in single and multiplayer mode
When playing in the single player mode, make sure that your biggest planet will remain well stocked and there is no one to take over your planet.
Sometimes, it will be essentially invincible, in that you should send your troops outward to take over planets from the biggest to the smallest ones.

Once mastering in single player mode, you will then continue to play in multiplayer mode with your Galcon ID where the real challenges are here.
In this mode, you will have to be fast to stop yourself from getting taken over right away while ranking your flag up.
Here, you will also get experience you gain, that will make you level up your flag rank.

Moreover, when being in the multiplayer mode, be sure not to spread outward too quickly as you will get bound to get your big planet to be taken over quickly
And, that is why you must protect your planets at all costs.
In line with this, if you can keep winning and you will earn Galcon coins that you can use to purchase cosmetic enhancements, such as changing the look of planets or ships.

On the other side, having better connection is important here as if you have a weak connection it will glitch and stop in the middle of a game
Then, it will make you still play and gain ships, but you will not be able to take over any planets form the other players

In addition, having a good team will be extremely useful when playing in team mode
At this point, you and your teammate will all the way gang up on one opponent at a time, while using your combined firepower to beat them and take over their big planet.
You can also help each other when you get your friends ambushed, so just join them and help them get it done on what you start to take over each planet.


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