Gain The Highest Score for Gold Medals in ATM Simulation iPhone

Pine Enetertainment has presented simple and challenging game, where you merely distribute money currencies based on how much the ATM user request within a specific time period.

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Anyone who is playing this game will by vying on the scores generated based on how much money you hand out instead of how many rounds you go.

In this game, you will have got fifty of each type of dollar bill from one to a hundred.
Then, people will come to your atm with a certain amount of money they need.
In the mean time, you will get the timer moves quickly, so you will never have a chance to use more than ten or so bills total.
The main core here is to try slow down the timer for the game to even be playable.

To play this game even better, always get used to the cash layout.
At the beginning of the levels, it will take a couple dozen attempts before you can pick without thinking about where the $5 bill is sitting.

If you are the beginner to play this game, it will highly be recommended to start with arcade mode.
This arcade mode will basically provide you a full time meter at the start of each level.

On the other side, time trials will add a little extra time on top of what you have left at the end of the previous level, so it will come more difficult, whereby there are those dollar bill limits

At this point, you will only have a limited number of each bill type.
To dealt with this, you will then have to reach longstanding high score with your bills
Always remember not to lose on a level in which if you lose bills quick on Time Trials you need to be really quick to avoid slowing down.
In the next levels, if you run out of $100 bills, you can use twice as many $50 bills.
You can also apply this to most of the other dollar bill types.

To get medal based on your score, always think through a couple scenarios before you start playing the level.
Also, think about the different dollar bill combinations that you can use for the level.
Doing this will work on earning the Bronze Medal.


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