Gain High Score to Unlock New Characters in Surfingers iPhone

Surfingers can be categorized into an endless running game for ios users where all you will do is to stay on the waves as long as possible while gaining the highest score and unlocking all the characters.

surfingers walkthrough ios android

In other words, you will have to check how fast you can swipe up and down with both your hands so that you will easily reach score as high as possible.

When surfing, be sure to to look ahead and focus on the type of wave coming next so that you can anticipate to make the required move up or down at a time.
In the mean time, you must look at the right of the screen while preparing your move

Later on, you will get a chance to unlock your first character by pressing Like button of the game on Facebook.
Besides, you must save up your money and points to unlock the 700 stars character then move up.

Anyway, when you are about to unlock the next characters, it may get you to ignore the stars
Instead, you must focus on the upcoming waves and act as soon as possible to get to the same level when you are surfing on the sea
At the same time, you will also collect any extra stars along the way

On the other side, the characters will not really contribute any bonuses or perks
Thus, just select the one as your style or you can set to get a random one each time you start a new game then concentrate on reaching high score in the game

Sometimes, you may need more moves to continue playing for later levels
In line with this, you can watch a video ad after you have missed a wave.
Moreover, doing so will be great at beating your previous high score

In addition, playing this game will be determined by your own skill and reaction times
For such reasons, just keep practicing your skills which will lead you to unlock all characters for free in this game


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