Gain High Score Points for Gold Bars in Farm Heroes Super Saga iPhone

If you have read the previous post related to King’s newest game, Farm Heroes Super Saga, it seems to be the next popular series of Farm Heroes Saga franchise.

farm heroes super saga high score iphone ipad

During in the gameplay, you will not go hurry when trying to make big matches since this game does not feature time limit
Therefore, just take the time and look the board carefully where the next crop is coming from.

Early on the level, you may consider to match near the bottom of the map
It is caused by, you will get more chance for other crops to move around the map.

Your main goal here is to make some big matches which will give you high score and gold bars, the premium currency of this game

Here, you will also have to beat boss battles, Rancid the Raccoon, who throws cans when you try to make a big match.

To deal with him, try making matches next to the cans to throw them right back at him
At the same time, you will need to make certain matches
And, you must also clear flowers to complete the objectives
You can do this by matching crops next to them multiple times.

In the way of making high score, you can match 3 crops in the same form
And, if you can create a T style shape of matches, you will boost the quota of crops adjoining to them.

Moreover, if you can match four crops in a square formation, it will come to a much bigger crop, which will give you more points.

Besides, you will also have to try to get an extra move to combine 3 mega crops
Doing this will allow you to take out the whole objective in one move.
Plus, matching 5 crops in a row will clear all of the crops of the same kind.

On the other side, wind or weather system will also take a big role to change everything during in your performance of matching up those crops on the board.

This wind will follow your move, in which if you move your crops to the left, the wind comes from the left, that may move everything
The wind will also change if you move crops from the left, right, up, or down in each stage.

For such reasons, you must think carefully when you are about to move them around
Meanwhile, if you can move the right crops based on the wind goes, you will get some impressive combos which will earn you some point leading you to earn gold bars at the end of each stage

In addition, the gold bars are the premium currency of this game that you can get by completing each level with high score
Alternatively, if the developer serves promotional videos to watch, you can take this advantage to earn gold bars for free after watching those videos
So, just take this step if you are about to collect gold bars as much as you want


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