Gain High Score for Diamonds and New Ball in Bouncing Ball 2 Ketchapp iPhone

After launching the first series of Bouncing Ball to mobile platforms, Ketchapp is now continuing to launch Bouncing Ball 2 on the iOS and Android platforms

bouncing ball 2 walkthrough ios android

Similar to the previous one, your main goal is to bounce the ball off of as many platforms as possible to gain points, while collecting diamonds to purchase new balls such as Smiley Ball, Basketball Ball and Gingerbread Ball

To bounce smoothly, try to time on a rhythm since all platforms have almost the same distance in between them.
So, just tap with the same rhythm throughout the stage to gain point after point.

When bouncing the ball, try to land perfect taps all in a row where you will be granted with a massive score in a very small amount of time.

Once reaching 10 points or so, spikes will start to appear on some of the platforms.
Never hit the spikes or you will lose, but try to hit the platform and avoid the spike to keep bouncing and make a score

In order to get gems or diamonds, you can get them by tapping the free button to watch the ad videos from the developer
By watching those videos, you will earn 15 or 20 gems

If you have gained 100 gems, tap on the New Ball button to roll for a new ball.
To get new ball, you can like Ketchapp on Facebook through the app.


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