Gain High Score and Three Stars in Love Rocks Starring Shakira iPhone

Rovio Entertainment has launched Love Rocks starring Shakira as a match three game with a twist and a charm that you can play both on ios and android platforms.

love rocks starring shakira walkthrough ios android

In other words, this game is a kind of a brand new puzzle game filled with shimmering jewels or gems, in which every gem here comes along with its own symbolism and unique power, exotic locales hand-picked by Shakira

Along the game, you will be tasked to help her link colorful jewels and glittering charms to create long chains and high scores.

In each stage, you will be given with some lives to play
If you will lose lives or records trying to complete the levels, all you will do is to connect to Facebook and invite more friends over to exchange lives and keep on playing

When trying to chain the gems, be sure to anticipate the rise of the tiles
At this point, if you have rocks coming from the bottom, make sure to see which of your rocks they will put higher, in which it will create new potential matches.
Drop the rocks based on that to get incredible chains and top scores to complete levels at ease

Always plan your moves ahead to get the most out of a level.
Also, you have to look at the bottom of the board and learn what colors and types of rocks will be coming next

In the mean time, you should also look at the board and plan your moves accordingly, while anticipating the drops carefully

At this point, you can place a blue rock over three yellows if there are more blues at the bottom
Doing this will create a new link after dropping
At the same time, you must also look for the score boosters or special requirements on the board.

Later on, you must try to make long matches for having better score
In accordance with this, all you will have to do is to take advantage of the color or shape rocks, that will create incredible amounts of combinations and matches

In addition, you will be able to get new rocks by replaying old levels
Moreover, you will also get a chance to gain new score and three star by replaying them.


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