Gain High Score and Gold in Berry Rush Android

Peak Games has also launched its new debut concerning with three matching game that is wrapped in Berry Rush where you will have to make a move to match berries in the same colors

berry rush walkthrough ios android

The story begins when you will be assigned to match your way through the world of Berry Rush to reverse the effects of an unfortunate accident that has transformed the animals around the land.

When matching fruit in this game, you will encounter double fruits that you have to collect for even more big fruit

You can also get more fruit in the Rainbow Bridge
Later on, you will also be allowed to gather up more coins that you can do from the watering can
You can also have a time to ride that awesome Butterfly

On the other side, you will be restricted to use your special moves as well as trying to make some combo moves that will blast multiple fruits in the same colors at once
Here, you will also be given hearts as your life to accomplish each stages of this game

Also, you will be assigned to complete certain goals in which you will sometimes have to gain specific score and collect required resources for more rewards in form of gold coins

With some coins you have collected through the stages, you will be able to unlock each boosters that will really help you in completing the next stage and reaching score as high as possible

Furthermore, you will go from one level to another where you will get into the top level, that is level 90 in which you will be directed to level 91 that is still in the progress

When reaching level 90 in this game, you will be assigned to continue to your adventure. However, you will not get to level 91 as it may come in the next update.

So, before going to top level, you have to use your moves and heart wisely when matching some colored fruits given in each stage

In addition, try to match some fruits int he same colors in specific time period for reaching high score
Make sure to make a combo moves to get multiple score by blasting some colored fruits in the same time
By matching more colored fruits and completing each level, you will also be rewarded with gold coins that you can use for boosters


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