FT Cash Cheat in Light Shadow Racing Online Android

FT Games has launched a racing game entitled Light Shadow Racing Online where you can test your skills in driving a car and compete with 16 players to get the first champion.

light shadow racing walkthrough ios android

Later on, you will also be able to participate in rankings races where you will have to fight to climb the ladder to the summit of racing.

Throughout the game, you will also have a chance to get over 20 licensed cars from the world’s greatest supercars manufacturers like the SSC Tuatara, Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita and Saleen S7 Twin Turbo that you can customize them with a new paint job, decals and even a personalized license plate.

All of those cars are categorized into performance level with 6 categories from T1 to T6 so if you have higher category, your car will get higher performance and rating as well.

On the other side, every car has then main attributes as in the following descriptions
Every car in this game has higher horsepower.
In related to the weight, if you can reduce it, your car can run faster.
Meanwhile, having better grip will get you to make quicker starts and helps to avoid
In Gearbox, getting better transmission will make your car to be faster with smoother shifts.

With your supercars, you can join different racing clubs and make new friends as well as racing together against rival clubs then taking the honor for your club.

In order to rev up your engine, just tap the accelerator then try and keep the rev-counter needle in the green sector.
At the same time, try to shift up when the light turns green for maximum power and tap N20 to use Nitrous so that your car will get a short burst of speed in the racing track

This game will feature cash and gold that you can get if you are being the first champion in each race
With that gold, you can purchase new cars and any other items to give different look for your car
You can also use some gold to complete the upgrades of your cars quickly.

Every time, you purchase new cars, delivery can take a little time
To solve this, you can use some gold to get your car delivered immediately.

For further, before the race begins, make sure to check the tank in which each race will use some gas.
At this point, you can refuel your car or remove the time limit for deliveries that you can do by changing the time on your phone.
In line with this, you can simply change the time 1 day in order to get instant refuel or instant delivery of your car
After getting full gas and instant delivery of your car, you can then change the time on your phone as the present time



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