Free Spins Coins in 8 Ball Pool iPhone

As you know that 8 Ball Pool is the world’s most popular pool game that you can play on iOS and android devices where you can also challenge the world or your friends in a lot of room for skill.

new table stick 8 ball pool ios android

Along the game, you will get to customize your cue and table and take on the world to see who has the highest score among others

When playing this game for the first time, it will highly be recommended to keep your eyes on the cue guidelines
At this point, you can go into the options to change the sensitivity of your cue.
Setting it to slow will allow you to fine tune your guideline adjustments.

Always remember that using full power will not be your priority to shoot the cue ball
On the other words, hitting the ball with full power will not always be the optimal thing to do.
Before shooting the cue ball, just consider the angles that your ball is going to bounce at.

If you want to get the ball traveled to a specific distance, you can try to gauge how far the ball will go based on the amount of power applied.
And, if you get it down, you will quickly learn that mid or light power shots will sometimes be better alternatives to full power.

Go for more practicing to refine your skills, in which you can consider playing the offline practice modes to increase your skills especially for Pass’n’Play functions mode
Besides, playing in quickfire will get you to score as many balls as you can in which it will also can increase your accuracy and cue skills.

On the other side, this game will assign you to gather up coins and spins that you can collect for free
Throughout the game, you will be given with 25 coins for free every hour, so just check back often to collect them all.

These coins will be important to play the game
In line with this, you can try to play the minigame “Spin and Win” for free once every day.
Playing in spin and win will grant you a ton of coins for free

Once having so much coins, you can now get a new cue in the shop.
Cues here will come along with four different stat categories

Force will tell you how hard your hits will be.
Aim will give you the accuracy of the balls stick to the guidelines.
Spin will give you a view related to how well your shots will curve on the table.
Time will increase the amount of time you have during your turn.

Note that, most cues will have strengths in select categories and be lacking in the other categories.
Also, you can try to get the super high-end cues if you have a ton of coins.


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