FitBucks Cheats in Dream Gym iPhone

Tatem Games has recently launched its new game Dream Gym Build Your Own Fitness Empire where you can have a chance of growing a small sport venture into a profitable fitness club that will generate money for you

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Later on, you will be able to give your finest touch to your gym with modern equipment and shiny decoration.
Here, you must manage to juggle between demanding customers and your own workout routines
Also, you can make your friend’s sweat and help them get the ideal body shape that they want to gain.

In this game, you will be assigned to train your gym instructor and level up him or her to unlock new workouts that will be required for missions and VIP clients.

Make sure to prioritize VIP Clients in order to gain experience and to get more bucks as well.
With that bucks, you will be able to buy premium equipment but avoid buying “early buy” equipment.
So, just try to level up your gym instructor in order to unlock those equipments.

Always remember not to buy unnecessary items such as room paints, gym clothes and instructor heads.
Otherwise, only purchase them if you really need them for missions.

Coins are the currency of this game that you can get by selling unnecessary decorations.
In line with this, you will only get decorations when you level up.
So just sell decorations if you really need money or want to buy new gym equipment.

Having more equipment will avoid waiting and more choices for your clients.
At this point, you can purchase two or three sets of the same equipment to avoid waiting
But, it is based on your budget and the quantity of your clients.


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