Fireflies Cheat in God of Light iPhone

Playmous has brought the most gorgeous physics-based puzzle games between the music and the puzzles which you can come across in God of Light

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In this game, your main objective is to help Shiny bring light back to the world and rescue the universe as it is supposed to be.
To do your job, you must search carefully for clues or hints and you can use an bunch of different objects that refract, split, and bounce light off them.
Anytime you get stuck on a stage, you will be allowed to ask the fireflies for their help
Here, you will only be given withe few fireflies, so be wise when using them.

However, if you run out of fireflies, you can get them through an in-app store.
Alternatively, you can get those fireflies for free by watching free ads and looking at the map.
When seeing on the map, every time you see a level with a firefly hovering over it, you can find and collect them.
And, if you did not get it on your first try, you can try to backtrack and gather them up

Along the game, there will be many ways to solve each level whether you deal with some levels in many mirrors to bounce light off.
Anyway, do not get fixated on one solution or what the fireflies tell you.
You may need to collect all three prisms and complete the level though.

On the other side, you should use Shiny to take a look around as this will minimize the amount of times you actually get to use those fireflies.
At this point, you can point Shiny in a direction or use mirrors to see what is around.
But if you cannot see anywhere to go next, you can use mirrors and Shiny to expand your field of view before using your fireflies.
Just save those for when you really need them.

One thing you must remember before using fireflies is to light up as much as you can
At the same time, you can try to activate all mirrors, prisms, and other objects that you can reach before using fireflies.
Doing all of this will max out what you can see around.
You may sometimes find a mirror or object lurking in a dark corner.

Meanwhile, if you go wrong with your entire pattern, you must go back and tweak mirrors and any other objects that you can use to manipulate the light beam.
At this time, you can start by moving Shiny slightly to see an overview of how that affects all the light beams get connected there.

Note that, you may probably need to use mirrors more than once, in which a mirror or prism are able to refract or reflect light in two different directions.


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