Find Hidden Clues to Solve Puzzle and High Score in Agent Alice iPhone

Agent Alice A Hidden Object Adventure from Wooga will give you a thrilling mystery solving puzzle game along with a great story and amazing graphics, where you will play as Alice who has to solve all mysteries and improve your star collecting rates.

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To solve each puzzle, you have to use clues to your advantage
When starting to play a new scene, you may not know much how to find clues.

In the mean time, the timer freezes and if you know at least one or two of the other items that you need to find, you can use that to your own advantage
Here, you can try to spend your time to scour the scene while finding the objects that you need then tapping the screen to keep on playing

Playing this game will need energy that you will have to wait it to come back in few moments if you run out of it

But, you can regenerate your energy fast by applying the time lapse cheat
Just go to your device’s settings and set the time forward by 60 minutes, then you can get 30 energy for free.

Try to complete the minigames as fast as possible and look at the tutorials to complete If you can complete them fast, you will have more energy rewarded with upon completion.

As said earlier, you will have to increase your star rating where you can play the same scene over and over again until you master it
Doing so will have the object placement fresh in your mind and you can complete the scenes as ease.
Sometimes, you may find some objects replaced by others, doing this strategy still works a lot better than splitting out your energy across multiple scenes.

On the other side, you will have to gain the highest possible score which you can do by applying a combination of quick movement to find the objects, finding objects one after another before the timer runs out so that you can complete the level as fast as possible.

At this point, be sure to do your best for a perfect score because any extra points will be carried towards your next star

Meanwhile, if you must select between multiple types of investigations, always go for the timed investigations first
At the same time, while playing for more stars, the time will be ticking and you will not have to wait afterwards when you have nothing to do.

In addition, you can try to purchase the largest cash pack you can afford because that offers the best value per dollar.
Purchasing the second pack will provide you 10 free cash, while the most expensive one will give you a 600 Cash for free.


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