Find Golden Cats for Coins Cheats Samurai Blitz iPhone

Samurai Blitz can be said as a new endless hack-and-slash game from Afterlight Collective that you can play on ios platform.

samurai blitz walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will play as a running samurai who hacks and slashes your way through Japanese environments
With your katana, you will be slicing away at masks and jars, while fighting and beating bosses for racking up more coins
Then, running again to find any enemy that will give you more coins.

To perform your action, you will merely jump that you can do by tapping the left side of the screen or slash by tapping the right side of the screen.

Tapping or holding the screen will determine the height of your jump
Also, you can also double jump then perform the second jump to beat enemies on the air
You can apply this method for how long you tap the screen for.

When trying to hit an enemy in midair, you must slash fast so that you can hit a mask, enemy at the same level as the one you just hit.
If that enemy is slightly below, you must slash as fast as you can at it
And, if the enemy is far below, you can try to slash it or jump over it

As said earlier, you must collect gold coins as much as you can
Here, coins are the premium currency that you can get in any other way

In order to earn more coins, just stick close to the ground while hitting as many jars as possible
At the same time, you can also hit the jars that are suspended from parachutes.

At that moment, if you see a pink jar, just hit that to get the golden cat.
That golden cat will give you one random prize at the end of the level
Sometimes, the golden cat will earn you a bunch of gold coins

Once collecting enough coins, you can use them on new katana and cloak upgrades
In line with this, having the scrolls will be the most useful than the others.
For attack scroll, you can try to save them for when you reach the boss

It is caused by, the bosses can be very tough to defeat and you will really need the scrolls to get an extra advantage when dealing with a boss.

When dealing with the bosses, they will be tough at first
Once you get the pattern of beating the boss, be sure not to let yourself get hit by the green projectiles.

If you see them, always remember to avoid them at all cost
Afterward, when the boss head flies at you, you can avoid that, or slash it as fast s you can.

When doing so, when the giant mask head pops up in front of you, just slash it over and over until it moves again.

Just keep your action when dealing with them, so that you can beat them that will reward you more gold coins


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