Feed To Earn More Gold in Pocket Shrek iPhone

No Yetis Allowed has a new and bizarre virtual pet game, Pocket Shrek which is specifically designed for for the iOS and Android platforms.

pocket shrek walkthrough ios android

Here, you will be able to interact, play with Shrek, take care of him, then unlock a whole bunch of other characters.

This game features gold coins and gems as the main currencies that you will gather up along the game
Gems is the currency that you will get for free by watching promotional videos

At this point, you will simply go to Rumpelstiltskin’s store and that the option for free gems.
After watching the video, you will earn a few gems then the option will disappear.

When seeing this, you can either wait for it to come back, or close the game then open it back up.
At the same time, you can now go to Rumpelstiltskin’s store and the option will reappear to watch the video.
Later on, you can keep doing this if you want to earn more gems for free.

Once taking care of Shrek and making him fart until his fart meter is down to 0 percent, you will end up stuck waiting around unless you want to play the sticker game again.

Farts here are the way to get experience points, so in order to refill the fart meter in a quick time, you can do the time lapse trick
Just go to the date and time menu then change it ahead for a few hours
After doing so, you can then go back to the game and make him fart again.
You can keep doing this trick if you want to get fart refilled instantly

Soon after completing a set of stickers, you can play a mirror game.
If you can get more faces in the mirror, you will earn more coins
After earning three faces, your earnings for each time that you replay will be additional coins which is based on performance.
For further, you can also unlock separate games as you level up
Try to play these for a miniscule amount of gold coins and experience points as well.

On the other side, you will have a limited number of times when playing the sticker games because of an energy limiter
But, if you run out of energy, you can do the time lapse cheat again
As usual, you will simply set the time ahead in your date and time settings, then go back to the game and you will get all of your energy restored at a time.

Meanwhile, you can also combine that with the added fart capacity when doing the time trick
And, you can unlock more sticker sets at high speed, that will allow you to play more games with the magic mirror and earn big amount of coins.

In addition, Shrek needs to sleep every once in awhile
At this phase, when you put him to bed, he will stay there.
And, if you want to have him fully rested you can do time lapse trick again
Anyway, set the time ahead after you put him to bed.
Next, put him to bed before you personally turn in for the night, and when you wake up and play the game again, he will be 100% rested fully.


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