Fat Wallet for Big Coins Cash in Peanuts Snoopy`s Town Tale iPhone

Activision Publishing has just come to the apple store along with their newest game called Peanuts: Snoopy’s Town Tale

peanuts snoopy`s town tale walkthrough ios android

This new game form that developer can be said as a town rebuilding game
Along the game, you will have a lot of houses and structures to build
Besides, you will also have even more items to craft to bring back Snoopy’s town back to life

In other words, this game is all about crafting stuff
Later on, all you will do in this game is to focus your crafting orderly from quest requirements first, expansion of the city or the inventory second to Want Ads third.

Anyway, if there are no specific crafting requirements, be sure to craft whatever you have
Here, you will get enough for the Want Ads and get more coins by crafting something

In line with this, you can also craft multiple items at the same time
Besides, you must also focus on the more complex items first especially those which need more materials then the others.

In order to get more coins, you can do it with the Want Ads since they are the easiest way to make such coins at ease

Always check out the requirements and craft the items to make some coins fast.
Sometimes, it will be better to work on getting the items needed than to refuse the orders.

Be sure to watch on the Want Ads since you will get Special Delivery requirements which will reward you with a lot of goodies if you can complete them in time.

At that point, you can firstly try for the trophy in the Baseball Field when you have got all the five characters there.

Doing this will take 30 minutes to complete, in which you will have more chances to get the more trophy.
Also, you can have a chance to collect stars and coins
Later on, you can send any free characters that you have on the Baseball Field.

On the other hand, by logging in the game in daily basis, you will get a bigger chance to collect new items
In the mean time, just start crafting a new set and get your characters to do some actions for grabbing some extra items.

In addition, you must try to plan your moves ahead so that you will know what kind of items are crafted or produced by each character

If you want to unlock a new area, or upgrade your inventory, you can focus on that first with all the involved characters there

And, if you still have free crafting options or characters after working on the required items, you will have them produce something as well.
In accordance with this, you can go for long time items when you will not log back in for quite a while


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