Extreme Forklifting 2 Beginner`s Tutorial iPhone

When playing Extreme Forklifting 2 as the most ridiculous, goofy and addicting games on mobile platforms, you will merely pick up pallets and move them to new locations to get some cash

extreme forklifting 2 walkthrough ios android

You will keep doing so to complete various achievements and gain score as high as possible.
Completing achievements will customize your forklift as well.

Early on the game, you must learn the basic controls of your forklift
Above the steering wheel you will find the shift lever, where you can switch it from forward to reverse, or vice versa.
Besides, you can control the elevation of the fork above the gas pedal

On the other side, you can reverse the direction of the forklift controls so that holding down will make the fork go up
And, you can hold up to make the fork go down.

Later on, you will get to move a specific amount of pallets as our achievement.
Also, you must complete other feats, such as destroying a pallet or crashing the forklift.

Therefore, just grab a pallet, lift it as high over your head so that it will go
Then, go sideways off of a ramp or platform.
For further, you can lift the fork high to change the weight balance so that you can tip over at ease

Furthermore, you are able to customize your forklift with new forms of hard hats for your worker
Or, you can purchase decals such as flames for your forklift.
To make more fun, you can add a spoiler to the back of the forklift


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