Extra Spins Cheats in Trivia Crack iPhone

Etermax has been popular with its newest game, Trivia Crack whereby this game has been downloaded more than 82166 on the apple store

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Basically, this game is specifically designed for iOS and Android where you will have the main duty that is to answer questions from six different categories
Also, you are able to send gifts to friends, while competing with them and the other players to see who are able to unlock all of the characters first.

Moreover, you can send lives and spins with your Facebook friends, so that you can keep moving even though you run out of lives.
So just make some friends on Facebook who play this game or add people in groups who play this game so that you and them can send lives back and forth.

On the other side, you can also send spins back and forth that will make you get a bigger advantage by re-spinning for the crown.

Meanwhile, you might see some questions that have been made by other fans of the game.
At this point, you simply go to the left side menu to see the Question Factory
At that time, you will also be given with an option that will allow you to submit your own questions and get them approved or disapproved.

When being in that session, make sure to vote for questions as well so that you will have a word in what goes into the game
And, for those who get voted in, you can learn the right answers without adding losses to your record.

In the menu area, you will also be able to find the achievements that will come to more coins as bonus.
Later on, each time you complete an achievement, you will gather up coins as a bonus
Plus, if you have more coins, you will be able to purchase more power ups.
Anyway, if you have a coupon code, try to enter it in order to earn more coins or spins, based on the code that you have.

After making a progress through the game, you will be able to get some power ups that will help you in accomplishing each stage
In line with this, be sure to use the power ups wisely.

You can also try using the bomb power up that will delete two wrong answers and it will make the question into a 50/50 shot.

Using the extra time powerup will also be fairly self explanatory.
In addition, when you get a wrong answer, you can try to use the double chance powerup that will provide you a second chance.
Along the game, if you use a skip, it will allow you to throw away the current question then you can answer a different question on the same topic at that stage.


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