Extra Moves Cheats in Jelly Boom iPhone

Yue Game has presented the best free match 3 game where you will simply match some cute jellies to reach the goal and high score

jelly boom walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will have a new special jelly for each level along with some free boosters that will help you in dealing with boss and win in each level with ease.

This game will also give you some bonuses for free that you can do by logging in this game daily
Throughout the game, you will go through more than 140 levels in which new levels will be coming every two weeks

In this game, all you will do is merely to match 3 jellies to remove them in time to make it disappear in the next round
And, X2 bonus jelly will be counted as 2 jellies
If you can match 4 jellies at a time, you will generate bonus jellies nearby
Meanwhile, matching 5 jellies will give you bonus jellies nearby
And, if you can match 5 jellies in a line, you can remove all jellies of this color

As said earlier, you can also have booster or power ups that will help you in completing each level
In line with this, using spoon can remove one jelly.
And, using Crazy Rabbit can remove all jellies in one line.

Magic Wand removes all jellies of one type.
Using plus 1 bonus will make all required jellies add 1 bonus.
You can use heal to turn sick jellies into healthy Jellies.

On the other side, this game will feature moves to do every action when matching some jellies on the board

If you get plus 5 moves, you will get 5 extra moves at the beginning of the level.
Plus 2 Moves will give you 2 extra moves at early on the level.
Getting 10 Moves will provide you 10 extra moves at the start of the level.


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