Extra Hearts Cheats in Lightning Heroes Android

Silly Pants gets you to survive in its first game, Lightning Hero where you will simply run around a beautiful field as well as collecting coins in each stage

lightning heroes strategy guides ios android

Playing this game will teach you to take a control of a character obsessed with coins and with no regards to their own safety
Here, your character will fight against lightning striking that will try to stop your goal of collecting more coins

To play this game, you will control the Hero with laser and when using the laser you lose your lightning gauge.

To pass through the lightning strike, you can have some items that will help you along the game
Using star will gain you points and some fever gauge.
Getting Energy will regenerate your lightning gauge.
Meanwhile, Jet Boots will give you a mega jump.
And, Magnet will draw close items towards yourself.

Later on, after entering tap in the the direction you would be to be shot out, you will not take damage for a short time after being shot with cannon.

With Big Cannon, you can push a button and get shot in the direction the cannon is facing, so that you will also pass through
But anytime you hit the spikes the game will be over.

For further, you will also play in Fever Mode that will get you to turn into a hero and go flying Into the air
Then, when you have filled up your fever gauge, just press the fever button to start fever mode.
In line with this, try collecting stars to build up your fever gauge


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