Extra Gold Cheats in All Guns Blazing iPhone

Again, Mobile Gaming Studios has brought an hybrid action shooter with a mix of base management wrapped in All Guns Blazing game.

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In this game, you will be able to rob banks, take down armored cars, assassinate mob bosses and more in this action-packed game.

During gun battle, all you will have to do is to shoot any enemies in front of you
When shooting them, try to aim for their head in which headshots do extra damage to enemies
In line with this, you should always try to aim for the head and take them out quickly and efficiently

To get better accuracy, you can try to use short bursts
Here, just try to make small taps as it will shoot your gun in small bursts
Doing this will be much more accurate than just holding down your finger unloading your entire clip.
Moreover, small accurate shots will be the best that you can count on

On the other side, just keep an eye on any explosives throughout the levels such as an explosive red barrel.
When seeing this thing, just shoot these when there are a lot of enemies around in which it will do massive damage to all of the enemies nearby
Also, watch out of other objects, such as cars, trucks, and even gas pumps and you can use the environment to your advantage

Later on, you can join a cartel to get an access to the cartel jobs as these are extremely valuable jobs.
In order to undertake them, you have to be in a cartel
Every mission herein will be pretty tough but the rewards are the best around.
So just join a cartel once you hit level 4 then build a cartel mansion from each mission you have accomplished successfully.

After making some progresses through the game, you will be able to unlock additional jobs level 3 in which you can gain a variety of mission types, so you try them all
All of those missions have specific rewards
Plus, some of them even give you gun parts to unlock new guns that will be useful to shoot tough enemies
Meanwhile, you are also able to earn new upgrades for your older weapons.
Make sure to taste them all, as the rewards will be different for each mission

Along the game, you will see right away that enemies have a colored outline around them.
And, they are able to switch it from yellow to red color.
When an enemy is red, they are currently reloading or in the middle of a transition When you get this notice they are vulnerable to shoot
But, if an enemy is yellow highlighted, they are in attack mode
Seeing this, you will get shot if you show yourself without a cover.
So take a cover until it is absolutely safe.


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