Extra Gems in Epic Island Cheats iPhone

Epic Island form Backflip Studios is a kind of new loot-obsessed RPG where you are able to always find ways to collect new loot along the game.

epic island coins strategy guides

In line with this, make sure to look around the map for the boxes full of treasure.
There, you will be able to find anything from coins to even gems.

Here, gems are the premium currency of the game, so when finding a treasure box or present full of it, you have to save up your gems over time and they will really add up.

Anyway, your stats come to standard at the beginning of the game
For such reasons, be sure to spend your skill points wisely every time that you level up.

Then, when gaining a level, you will be able to increase either your attack, defense, or magic power.
At the same time, you can also increase in a balanced fashion
Perhaps, you can also create specialist heroes to take on physical or magical opponents by doing one for one hero, and one for the other hero.

If do not know anything to do next, just go back to older dungeons and play the same old enemies again.
At this point, your loot will not be as good as that which you find in the new dungeons
But, old loot will always be valuable, because you can take it to the blacksmith to have it merged into your new loot
Because of this, this will increase your new loot’s stats and bestows other effects such as an extra coin bonus upon its wearer.

Later on, when seeing the titans, try to ignore them first unless you already have a plan to fully dedicate your gaming experience to battling them.

If you can be their top attackers, you will get a big prize
On the contrary, you will earn nothing except wasted time for attacking them
Therefore, if you plan on questing, make sure not to bother with the titans.

When battling enemy in the arena, it will be based on how strong your equipment is, in which your opponents and you are organized by level.

For the initial move, you can send a low level character in with extremely strong equipment which has had few other equipments merged into it
Thus, you will run right through almost every opponent along the stage.


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