Extra Gems for Warrior Ninja Package in Shop Heroes iPhone

Shop Heroes form cloudcade will be an addictive and unique game specifically designed for ios and android platforms where you can craft some items and to be the ultimate shopkeeper by building and managing your fantasy item shop in the Kingdom of Aragonia

shop heroes walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be able to hire and train unique workers, craft hundreds of legendary items, gear up your heroes then send them to an epic quests to collect nice rewards.

Besides, you will also be able to customize your dream item shop, unlock and collect blueprints, trade with your friends and neighbors and work hand in hand to build the top ranked city in the game

Here, hearts are your main energy to do different interactions with the heroes.
In line with this, you have to surcharge them to increase the number of coins used to get some expensive items

With these hearts, you will make your customers change their mind for the items they want.
At this point, you can suggest them more expensive items that you have already crafted before

Anyway, you can also get some hearts from the customers by complimenting them for having two hearts
Plus, you can offer them a discount which will work best when they are talking about low cost items such as knives.

Throughout the game, you must keep the city buildings going and keep them running at all times to maximize your income and profits.
You can level up the buildings in the city with gold, so that it will help in the long run since the upgraded buildings will unlock new stuff.
At this phase, you can focus on the Iron Mine and Sawmill First to be leveled up first.

On the other side, you must keep your heroes exploring at the Inn so that they can level up fast
At this time, you can equip your best heroes with the best weapons

Besides, you must also upgrade the stuff in your Inn as each upgrade will give you a small increase, which will be useful to craft the fancy weapons and items required by your customers in the long run.

To get fancy weapons and items, you can craft the most expensive weapons and keep them in your inventory.
You can then suggest the improved weapon over the one when your customers come.
Just keep doing this to get some coins easily.

Meanwhile, you must also craft some of the most time consuming items when logging off, then log in again to complete the requirements for the active customers that will earn you a bunch of coins.

In addition, if you can do anything right you will also be rewarded with gems which are the premium currency of this game


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