Extra Energy Cheats in Terra Battle Android

Terra Battle is a new puzzle RPG from Mistwalker Corporation which is like the Final Fantasy series
This game in the one of a million different puzzle RPGs for the iOS and Android platforms

terra battle walkthrough ios android

At the beginning of the battle in this game, you can try to put two hero tiles on either side of one enemy tile or more than one enemy tile to attack, then put any other hero tile that is adjacent to one of those two which will be used in the attack.

From there, you can see the main battle system, and you can apply that trick along the game.
Here, you can also swap a tile’s position by moving another tile over it
Then, when starting a battle your heroes, you will all be lined up on the bottom half of the screen.
Because of this, they will be almost unassailable, since your villains usually to surround your heroes to attack them.

Later on, you can also swap tiles until enemy tiles move down right next to one of yours, then you can pincer to beat them with ease.
For further, you can repeat for all enemies that you face.
Doing this action will automatically come to every single one of your party members in on the attack, as well as chaining all six of them together.
Always use this formation as both your attack and defense and losing will be almost impossible though.

Looking at this game in the trailer will be very old school in which you can then improve your heroes by simply leveling them up
On the other side, you can try to add jobs to your heroes, so that you will be able to modify their stats
You do not necessarily improve them, but just change them.
When doing so, you will usually need a bunch of items, in that you can find both on the main map and in the special event stages.
Thus, just go to the Arena and go to “special” to get an access to the event stages.

Metal is the most common of the events in this game
In line with this, you will absolutely need metal tickets in order to unlock it.
Joining this event will earn you experience points so fast, so that you can use it to get a new fighter up with all of your older ones.
Metal monsters are not very strong enough, but they can run away very quickly so try to beat them as soon as you see them.

In addition, coins and energy are the two main currencies that you have to gather up in this game.
At this point, if you really need more coins, just replay the older stages to get experience points and coins as reward.
After getting enough coins, you an use them to get on new heroes until you fill your entire team up with rares ones.


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