Extra Diamonds Cheats in Super Battle Racer Android

Super Battle Racers is developed by Game Hive Corporation for iOS and Android platform
In this game, you will play with four other player-controlled characters racing for dominance.

super battle racer strategy guides ios android

This game is like a side scroller much with more of a story and actual elements of collecting currency
Later on, you will be assigned to upgrade your characters.

Be sure not to get tripped, in which it is the way to make sure that you get the best possible results out of each race

Along the game, make sure to time your jumps so that you will not get stuck behind obstacles
At the same time, try not to get caught in traps set by other players.
Sometimes, it will happen to some degree, but you can minimize it so that your chances of prevailing will skyrocket.

Every character in this game features a special move involving riding an animal, in which you have to maximize your star meter.
During the game play, you have to gather up stars but hitting another player with some kind of a weapon will also increase your star meter.
In the mean time, you can try to hit the question mark bubbles to earn a weapon or a speed boost.

For further, you will be able to unlock even more of them, and upgrade your current weapon, after you unlock the weapon shop.
At this point, the academy will allow you to speed up your own skills such as top speed, acceleration, defense, star power and energy recharge
And, the monster shop will allow you to train your current monster as well as unlock new monsters.
Here, the ring shop will let you mold gems into a powerful ring
Then, the gold vault will allow you to collect gold simply for doing nothing.

Furthermore, make use out of all of these buildings and get more gold, then try to have at least one upgrade at a time going in the monster shop, the academy and the weapon shop
In line with this, you can stay on the lookout for gems in the same color then make into rings as well as collecting the gold to build up in the gold vault
Moreover, you can also upgrade it so that it earns you even more gold at a time.

In this game, diamonds or gems are the main currency of this game
Because of this, you have to gather them up throughout the game
According to this line, just try to look around the map for treasure chests in order to get free diamonds.
Besides, you can simply go to the IAP store and tap the bubble saying Check out offers for FREE diamonds
When getting this notice, you can earn diamonds for liking or following GameHive on Facebook or Twitter, then you will be brought to a TapJoy offer wall offering you big diamond for free.



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