Extra Coins to Get 5 Stars Players in PES Club Manager iPhone

This time, PES Club Manager tips and tricks will discuss how to get better players and 5 star players that will be on top charts all the time.

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When deciding to build a great team, you should understand that you have to focus on the long term.
To get initial steps, having younger top players will be better especially when you care signing new players.

To get big star players in your team, you can spend PES Coins on them.
Here, the PES Coins can be said as the premium currency in this game, that you can get by purchasing them on iaps or get them for free during the game

In order to get more PES Coins, you can get them as daily bonuses when completing achievements as you play.
In line with this, be sure watch on the News tab at all times, as the developers will sometimes reward you with free PES Coins there

Once getting enough PES Coins, you can use them on the Scout x5 option, as that will give you 5 players of minimum 5 stars each.
Meanwhile, the Scout x1 costs the same amount of PES Coins per player, and it only guarantees a minimum of 4 stars.
Based on this circumstance, it will highly be recommended to prioritize in better players only.

Although, you do not actually get the player after scouting, you will still have to offer a contract
In the mean time, you should consider your finances as well.

On the other side, having 5 strikers in the upper 80s will not be as helpful as covering more positions with top players in your starting 11

And, you can also get high star quality players in the market.
At the same time, just make sure to upgrade your Scouting Agency in your My Town area to at least level 2, whereby if you do not do this you will not get any good players listed there.

Anyway, having higher level will come to better quality the players and lower their star quality.
You can also take part in auction where you can get players in cheaper there

Later on, building a solid team will the same as building up your PES Coins
Always be smart on the marketplace as this is the way to score those 5+ star players and turn your team into a superstar one that will go into high value and profit for your team in this game


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