Exchange Items for Gems Coins in Gem Hunters iPhone

Gem Hunters is the newest game from Armor Games as a new puzzle RPG for the mobile platforms
Similar to puzzle rpg, you will get to match lines of elemental gems while casting powerful spells toward enemies on the board

gem hunters walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will guide your heroes to battle with a series of slimes, dragons and other assorted enemies

At the same time, you will also have to get some coins, gems, and other loot
These resources will really be handy to upgrade your hero, so that you will easily defeat enemies standing in your way

Here, before making one single combination in a battle, you must firstly know the enemies strengths and weaknesses
Each enemy is weak against a specific elemental
And, some will be strong against another elemental

Once knowing their basic stats and elements, you can set up the longest combination
When doing so, try to get 7 or more blocks of the same color in one move to get a rainbow block which can knock out all of the blocks below, above, to the left and to the right of it.

During the game, consider to watch out for the bonus combos as they will happen after the main combo
It means that they occur whenever three or more blocks of the same color land next to each other.
You can do this when you are dealing with strong element

On the other side, you will have to get some gems, the premium currency of the game.
In order to get such currency, you can purchase with real-life money in iaps
If you want to get them for free, just watch an advertisement video to earn 2 gems.
Make sure you do it online

Besides, you must also collect coins that you can get in any other way
You can exchange some common items for 50 coins or so
Just sell the cheap, common ones, not the expensive ones.
By doing so, you will still earn more than enough money to get the upgrade

Except collecting gems and coins, you will also have to collect pieces of loot and other equipment after going through the battle.

Later on, you will be assigned to upgrade your equipment
Before doing so, just tap the item section to drag equipment into your hero`s equipment slots.
Then, tap on the piece that you want to upgrade and tap the button to upgrade your equipment.
At this point, you will need a specific number of coins and materials to every upgrade for your equipment.


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